“High energy, earned leadership, trusted advisor. Inspires and motivates employees/people to do their best.”

“Can analyze a situation and lead development of a plan for the best possible outcome.”

“Ken is an unbelievable motivator. When employees have sat through a training session or discussion with Ken, they come out of it with a motivation to succeed and thrive.”

“Intelligent, well read. Passionate about his work.”

“He is effective at cultivating long lasting business relationships and identifying and capitalizing upon emerging opportunities.”

“Ken is a great resource in time of need. He comes with a complete toolbox including blunt or precision instruments, and has the judgement to determine which tool is appropriate for the situation. Ken deals with situations with empathy and discretion and can lead a situation to achieve the Company’s objectives to minimize exposure and liability. Ken is able to translate Company business objectives into contract terms and policies that are deemed fair and appropriate.”

“Ken is a brilliant motivational speaker and overall motivator. He knows how to capture an audience and engage them in a discussion and/or concept.”

“In the past few years, I have experienced someone that is very talented, and in turn extremely effective, in the arena of leading and motivating within our organization. He has the ability to send a strong message regarding building and maintaining TEAM while striving to be the best at what we do day in and day out. Ken has a unique charisma and passion for our industry that captures an audience whether it’s a group of drivers or a roundtable of industry leaders.”

“A strong agent of change who leads by example and acts with integrity in his decision making.”

– Leadership Assessment – Anonymous Raters’ Comments, Center for Creative Leadership


“Very effective, clear, concise, funny, but humble. Ken is stellar at this. Great job.”

“Always enjoy Ken. One of the most dynamic and inspirational speakers.”

“One of the best training sessions I’ve ever been a part of.”

“Great examples and use of personal stories and experiences. By giving personal examples and by allowing the participants to share is conducive to figuring out practical solutions.”

“Ken Baylor is a very effective and excellent speaker. He kept us all very involved and engaged.”

“Thank you so much for the energy and amazing insight on leadership.”

“It hit the mark all the way.”

“Ken is on top of his game.”

“I feel he genuinely cared for all of us in attendance and our ability to take the information and WIN.”

“We all enjoyed the training content and appreciated the way you carried the meetings to fully engage the team.”

“I enjoyed the session and saw first hand that our management team was heavily engaged in the content and discussions.”

“Providing proven leadership skills development with real life examples from you and what the audience had to share makes the “Taking The Lead” session truly unique.”

“I want to thank you for your presentation yesterday. I found it very informative and I’ve already spoke to my supervisors and will apply what I’ve learned to enhance my management skills. Also it was a pleasure meeting you.”

“I knew the feedback would be amazing, the halls are buzzing with it.”

– Participant Feedback, Taking the Lead Seminars


“Amazing professor who knows how to teach.”

“Thank you for being the BEST professor I have had in my entire experience at Harvard.”

“Dr. Baylor is an outstanding professor. He was very knowledgeable, caring, and engaging.”

“Professor Baylor has improved our knowledge a lot.”

“Dr. Baylor is an extraordinary instructor who teaches with a light heart and charisma uncommon in most teachers.”

“He had a true world application and experience that enriched the experience of the course.”

“Dr. Baylor’s teaching style allows the student to connect textbook theory to real life experiences. He readily shares his experiences that are relevant to any student’s profession. The class has been interactive, challenging, and engaging.”

“The strength of the course is that the professor was able to make everyone comfortable in the classroom which increased interest and the efficiency of the course.”

– Graduate Students’ Anonymous Course Evaluation Comments


“Ken Baylor is a leader at work and in the community.  The 13,000 people of Republic Services, Inc. are proud to support Ken.  We value the leadership, integrity, drive and determination that Ken contributes to our organization.  …thanks for being a great leader!”

– Republic Services, Inc., Business Leader Magazine


“Baylor continually seeks improvement in himself, his team and Republic’s personnel initiatives.  In an interactive and progressive environment, he has created a ‘value driven’ work environment and culture embracing integrity, respect, commitment, pride, teamwork, fairness, and camaraderie. Amid it all, Baylor leads by example.”

– South Florida Business Journal


“Republic Services has benefited greatly from the leadership that you have given…More importantly, our people have benefited from your positive attitude and your willingness to tackle tough issues with a caring, professional and fair approach.”

– Jim O’Connor, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
– Mike Cordesman, President & Chief Operating Officer
– Tod Holmes, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer


“…a sought-after guest lecturer…”

– Business Leader Magazine


“…a popular…” and “…celebrated speaker…”

“…one of the industry’s most dynamic speakers….”

– Penton Media, Inc


“Your presentation was simply wonderful.  You are a gifted speaker with textbook perfect skills in vocal variety, diction, eye-contact, facial animation and so much more.  Suffice it to say, you could easily translate your presentation to television.  Dr. Phil has nothing on you…Thanks again for such an inspiring speech.”

– Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


“We were all incredibly impressed by your speech…”

– University of Oxford, United Kingdom


“Thank you for your incredible presentations…Each was extremely well received…After seven years of planning 5++ annual conferences each year, it becomes increasingly difficult to find the right topics, with the right speaker.  In this case, it was easy.  The topic seems to be a natural fit with your style and personality…You have created a major dilemma for me.  How do I top it [next year]?  That is probably not possible.  It has set the bar mighty high.  You are a great asset…Thanks for your willingness to share your energy, positive attitude, and your pride in a great industry.”

– National Waste and Recycling Association (formerly National Solid Wastes Management Association)


“The best presentation that I have heard during this conference!”

– Institute for International Research


“Baylor’s impactful presentation was by far the highest ranked by participants at the conference.  When his time was up, they asked him to continue on, even if the conference went over time.”

– FSAE Foundation Think Tank


“Ken – you were great!”

– Chairman’s Council Tour (NWRA, formerly EIA/NSWMA)


“If you ever feel your ‘idea well’ has run dry when it comes to dealing with the chronic shortage of truck drivers in this industry, I suggest giving Kenneth Baylor a call.  When you look up the definition of the word ‘enthusiasm’ in the dictionary, you’ll find his photo and name–he gets as fired up as an NFL coach when he starts talking about finding and keeping good people…. let me tell you, you need to hear this guy give a speech…”

– FleetOwner, Trucks at Work Blog


“Baylor was dynamic and well received by the conference attendees who were excited about the session.  Not only did Baylor work on bridging the gap between employee and supervisor, but he also tried to get the attendees to understand that no one is above the job.”

– U.S. Mayor Newspaper


“…  [I] am sure it [the project outcome] will be outstanding, just like the guy who is doing it.”

– Chairman, Premier Regional Company


“Exceeds Requirements”

– Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Fortune 500 Company


“You are the best.”

– Vice President, Fortune 500 Company


“You are a class act…”

– Vice President, Fortune 500 Company


“You are the best at what you do and you radiate an energy field that makes everyone better who is a part of it.  Most importantly, you are always dependable and willing to give more than you receive.”

– Chief Executive, Global Trade Association


“…a highly regarded – and successful – labor negotiator…”

– Republic Leader Newsletter


“Excellent!  No other words are needed.”

Powerhouse great motivator.”

“Off the charts…there are not enough pages to share all of my thoughts.  Inspiring.”

“Awesome presentation!  Very motivating and well organized.  Ken Baylor is very dynamic.”

“I never leave Ken’s presentations without carrying a few of his comments, thoughts, and ideas ringing in my head.  He is a class act and I can only hope to be able to carry a piece of the enthusiasm and passion that he carries.”

“On a scale of 1-10, Ken’s an 11.”

– Leadership Development Seminar Feedback, Fortune 500 Company


“We wanted to say thank you for the phenomenal presentation you gave us!  We were so inspired by you and are so appreciative to have had the opportunity to learn from your experience.  We will make excellent use of the information you so generously shared with us.  Job well done!”

– The Leadership Team at Kids in Distress


“Thank you so much for the generous time you gave presenting at our Leadership Development Workshop.  Your company is fortunate to have such an engaging and informative speaker.  Our participants were very complimentary in their workshop evaluations and were thankful to have the opportunity to benefit from your wealth of knowledge and expertise.  …you are to be commended for your commitment to community outreach and continuing education.  Thank you for making a difference in the lives of children.”

– Broward Association for the Education of Young Children


“…I have been fortunate to have met a great many practitioners in the field of labor law.  You bring not only a great understanding of labor law to [the Company], but you bring it from the perspective of someone who has his ‘head screwed on right.’  You have accomplished a great deal in your career and I look forward to working with you in the future.”

– Partner, National Employment Law Firm


“…  he has fashioned his expertise toward enhancing operational effectiveness and stakeholder value through a high degree of employee involvement.  Baylor successfully set the course for proactive operations.  The results of his work are consistent with the Company’s exceptional performance and its acclaim as a ‘great place to work.’

‘It is difficult to imagine a more committed professional or one who has had a greater impact on those he serves in so many positive ways,’ said Will Flower, Republic Services’ Vice President of Communications.  … Mr. Baylor frequently accepts invitations to be a keynote speaker at national and regional meetings.  His keen sense of humor is evident in the titles of his presentations, ‘You Stink as a Leader’ and ‘Talking Trash: You Are the Most Important Asset.’”

– Republic Services, Inc., Press Release


“Thank you for sharing your expertise with us last week…. We’ve received numerous positive comments from our members, and will be sharing your PowerPoint on our new Website in a few days.”

“Your insightful approach to human resource management was well received…”

– Florida Attractions Association


“…you made a significant, positive impact on the members of the Florida Chapter of SWANA, and me personally.  Thank you for your contribution, insight, and most of all good humor.”

– Florida Chapter of SWANA


“You are truly an asset to our profession and it is a pleasure to know you.”

– Human Resources Executive


“In my two years of attending [national industry conference], you have stood head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd in presenting your topics.  Last year, you blew us away with your lunchbox talk…  This year was equally impressive…  During my 30+ year work history as a youth minister, police officer, teacher, trainer, coach, salesman, and consultant, only a few memorable speakers have left such a lasting memory with their topic, content, presentation, charisma, and personal skills.”

– Corporate Loss Control Manager, Premier Regional Company


“In my book, you are a leader through and through.”

– FMCS Mediator


“You brought real good stuff to every meeting, and solved problems with a great positive attitude.”

– General Manager, Fortune 500 Company


“I am a better person and leader because of my experiences with you.”

– General Manager, Fortune 500 Company


“Your enthusiastic, energizing approach to everything has stuck!”

– General Manager, Fortune 500 Company


“THANK YOU!  You have taught me much and I am grateful.”

– Area President, Fortune 500 Company

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